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Puggy has earned a place in the Guinness World Records 2011 Book for dog with the longest tongue!  We are extremely honored and thankful to have received this special recognition as it means a great deal to us...especially knowing his humble beginnings 8 years ago when he was abandoned in the country side possibly because he had contracted mange, he also had heartworms. No one can say for sure if he was discarded because he had mange or for some other reason, but it's reasonable to assume that one doesn't dump an animal in that kind of shape with the expectations that someone would take them in and spend hundreds of dollars to bring them back to health!  As it turned out though, it was  Puggy's lucky day and someone above was looking over him during this critical time in his life.  He was given a second chance when he just happen to stroll up to my cousin’s front porch! Luck or fate, you decide!!  My cousin and her husband felt sorry for Puggy and decided to take him in and foster him until they could find a good home for him, which was eventually with me! They had him treated for mange and when I adopted him, I had him treated for heartworms and had him neutered.

Puggy is happy and healthy and enjoys an extremely active doggy life, and is pretty much just like any other dog, he loves to play, run, and eat etc., etc.. He has adapted amazingly well to his tongue size, after all, this is all he's known all his life. Due to the fact that Puggy's tongue is fully functionally and doesn't hinder his eating or drinking is the reason surgical intervention is not necessary. As long as Puggy is experiencing a good quality of life, then that's all that should matter!  Puggy has lived approximately 10 years with his over-sized tongue and I feel if it was a hindrance to his health, he wouldn't have lived for as long as he has! This confirms to me just how resilient animals are with the ability to adapt when the need arises! Humans can be just as resilient too, but sometimes negative thinking hinders our ability to move forward and overcome disabilities and abnormalities as successfully as animals do, but we have all witnessed at one time or the other how animals and humans can overcome the most debilitating injuries and disabilities possible.

Puggy has overcome great adversity and obstacles, and is very lucky to even be here today to have his story told; he's beat the odds once stacked against him, but now he shines for all the world too see! And yes, I do love his tongue as that's part of who he is. I have never thought negative about his tongue because I can see first-hand that it doesn't and never has interfered with his quality of life!! Every time at look at him, I can't help but to smile! 

A lot of people look for perfection in an animal when adopting, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as I've owned my share of perfect pets, but when I stumbled upon Puggy, perfection went right out the door! We all love showing off our pets, but regardless of Puggy's less than perfect appearance, I'm not any less proud to show him off! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Puggy is BEAUTIFUL to me just the way he is!  He is different, yet special in his own way just as each of us are!! Our animals can teach us many invaluable lessons in life, but by far the most important is "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE." 

Another scenario for Puggy's abandonment could possibly be that his previous owners were not in a financial position to have him treated for mange and perhaps thought disregarding him was his best chance! That's why it's so important when considering adopting a pet is whether or not you have the financial means to care for your pet responsibly. 

If you would like to read Puggy's complete bio, please click on the "BIO" bone!

Stray and neglected animals need homes too, so don't be afraid to give them a second chance!Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

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