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It was a hot summer day the first time I laid eyes on Puggy, and it was love at first sight. He was so cute with his big Ol' tongue hanging out, covered with dirt. He came out from under my cousin's porch to greet us, and I thought this dog can't be hers because she never mentioned having a new dog!

I noticed his mange immediately and couldn't help but feel sorry for him. My heart went out to him! He was so skinny and his hind quarters were raw and practically bald. He smelled really bad, and what hair he had felt like straw. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh! He was a heck of a site with that tongue of his almost touching the ground. I thought his TONGUE was very amusing and cute that added to his happy go lucky character. Through his pain, he greeted us happily, like nothing was wrong. That's what I call a dog that possesses a special spirit. I guess that's why I fell in love with him at first sight. I truly felt he was something special!

We proceeded to the backyard where my cousin was having a barbeque for friends and family. When I saw my cousin I asked her if the little white dog was hers. Her reply was no! She said, "It's a stray dog that wandered up on the front porch." She asked me if I wanted it, and I said yes, but my husband said, "NO." We already had two dogs, and he said we didn't need anymore. Unfortunately, Puggy didn't have the same effect on my husband as he had on me, which was very disappointing. I thought if I was persistent enough that he would agree to take Puggy, but he stood his ground. We went home without Puggy, and it was very hard to leave without him. I was so heartbroken!

I thought about Puggy everyday and continued to pester my husband about him, but I got the same old answer every time, "No! We don't need three dogs."

I called my cousin about a month later to see how she was doing and asked about Puggy, and she said they had Puggy treated for mange and that his hair was starting to look really good. She went on to say that they found out that Puggy had heartworms too, but couldn't afford the treatment for that. I asked her if they decided to keep him, and she said no that they were still trying to find a home for him. I asked her not to give him to anyone else until I had a chance to talk with Gary and she agreed. So from that moment, I was on a mission and I was determined to make Puggy part of the family. I had to find a way to convince my husband that Puggy would fit in.

The fact that Puggy had been treated for mange, made little or no difference to my husband. It was the same old story, "we don't need THREE DOGS!" I had something up my sleeve. His Birthday was right around the corner. So I went out and bought him the most romantic card I could find and wrote all kinds of good stuff in it...every bit true! At the end of the card, I added a "PS" note and made one last plea asking him to please give Puggy a chance and guess what, it worked! He agreed to give Puggy a trial run on one condition, and that was if he didn't work out or didn't fit in with the other dogs that my cousin would agree to take him back.

Puggy fit right into the family immediately and got along great with our other two dogs, even though I don't think they were real fond of Puggy in the beginning, but they later warmed up to him. He's really a little charmer!

My husband is really very fond of Puggy now and probably loves him as much as I do if the truth be told.

Puggy has since been treated for heartworms, as well as neutered and is healthy and happy as a "CLAM."

Puggy has made a long JOURNEY from where he was to where he is now!

Stray and neglected dogs need homes too, so don't be afraid to give them a chance.

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